1. measurement, mensuration, met-age. See measurement(def.1).
2. size, dimensions, proportions, expanse, extent, scope, range, spread, area; magnitude, amplitude, mass, bulk, volume; weight, quantity, capacity; bounds, duration, sum, aggregate; amplitude, magnitude.
3. rule, graduated rod, gauge, meter, scale; level, plummet, plumb line, compass, calipers, square, T-square, tape, line, ell, yardstick; quadrant, vernier, balance; weighing machine, calorie counter; calculator, computer.
4. linear measure, cubic measure, liquid measure, dry measure, square measure, chain measure, apothecaries' fluid measure, surveyor's area measure, metric measure.
5. share, allotment, portion, division, piece, part; quota, dole, pittance, allowance, driblet, dose, cupful, handful; dividend, Inf. divvy, percentage, commission, Inf. rake-off, contingent, fee, Inf. pay-off.
6. standard, criterion, norm, test, rule; pattern, type, model, prototype, original, paradigm, archetype; touchstone, canon, principle, precedent, example; sample, dressmaker's model, die, mold, matrix, cast; mint, seal, stamp, punch, intaglio, negative; outline, sketch, drawing, diagram, design, pattern, plans, blueprint, layout, roughdraft, proof.
7. limit, limitation, bound, extent, extreme, terminus, terminal, end; pale, march, bound, confine, fence, bourn; boundary line, high-water mark, line of demarcation.
8. statute, public act, bill, law.
9.Usu. measures
step, direction, course, course of action, action, plan; deterrent action, intimidation, stifling action, Inf. strong-arm tactics, Inf. the arm.
10. rhythm, meter, cadence, beat; phrase, bar, motif, theme.
11. beyond measure
immeasurably, limitlessly, boundlessly, infinitely, fathomlessly; endlessly, interminably, extremely, immensely, vastly, inexhaustibly; incalculably, beyond all measure, out of measure; excessively, redundantly, beyond need, needlessly.
12. for good measure
as an extra, in addition, additionally; as a bonus, as a dividend, as a premium, as bounty, as a gift, as a tip; freely, for free, gratis, gratu- itously, without charge, without extra charge.
13. gauge, meter, rule, Archaic. mete; space, divide, delimit, mark off, mark out; inch, step, step off, survey; graph, plot, plot out, lay out, map, pattern; weigh, weigh out, balance, plumb, probe, sound, fathom.
14.Usu. measure out
mete out, ration, ration out, allot; apportion, portion, parcel out, partition, divide, Inf. divvy or divvy up; carve, split, split into shares; distribute, disperse, dispense, assign, allocate.
15. show, indicate, give indication of; show the extent of; make clear, reveal, make manifest, bring forward, show in bas-relief; denote, betoken, argue, tell, bespeak, connote; testify to, attest, evidence, confirm, affirm; bear out, substantiate, verify, bring home.
16. measure up
a. equal, equate, match, correspond, keep pace or step with, be on a level with, parallel.b. qualify, Inf. come up to scratch, Inf. be up to snuff, Inf. make the grade; be adequate, be competent, be up to the job, be capable, be able, be efficient; be fitted for or fit the task, be equal to the task, Inf. be able to cut the mustard.

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